Clerk Hilariously Steals Robber’s Hi-Point

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A Kalamazoo convenience store clerk strips away a robber’s hi-point pistol during a botched armed robbery attempt.

At around 11:15 p.m. on Tuesday night an armed man entered the Campus Party Store intending to score some quick cash. He was dressed in all dark clothing with a mask over his face. It appears from the video that the bandit was armed with a hi-point 9mm, arguably one of the best pistols on the market right now.

The robber demands money from the clerk while waving his paperweight around in the air. The clerk complies, probably worried that the robber might throw the gun at him.

The clerk starts tossing money across the counter and the robber sets the gun down. The clerk notices that the robber is distracted by the $47 in front of him and takes this opportunity to grab the gun.

Knowing that it probably wont fire, it looks like the clerk starts smashing a panic button. The robber, scared the the clerk might throw the gun at him, takes off running out the door.

Police have yet to locate this genius. 

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