Georgia Tech Police Under Scrutiny After Shooting Knife Welding Man

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A video released yesterday shows Georgia Tech campus police begging a man to drop his knife several times before firing one shot.

This incident started out as a call about an armed student with a knife and a gun. Officers arrived on scene and approached 21-year-old Scott Schultz who was armed with a knife. A bystander recorded nearly the entire incident and shooting on a cell phone.

In the video below, you can see several officers approach Schultz and command him to drop the knife. They tell him several times that they don’t want to shoot him. Schultz continues to approach them while screaming “shoot me!”

One of the officers fired one shot at Schultz, striking him center mass and fatally wounding him.

Now the Schultz family lawyer is arguing that the police didn’t have to shoot him. Attorney L. Chris Stewart told reporters “Scout should not have been shot.” Stewart argued

“It’s just offensive that that narrative was put out that Scout was some knife-wielding individual where you picture someone running around with some butcher knife when that’s just not the case,”

A multi-tool was found on Schultz after the shooting. Multi-tools have knife attachments, which are surprisingly still deadly. Police meet deadly force with deadly force and this appears to be a suicide by officer incident.

Watch the shooting below:

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