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Mentally Ill New York Man Killed After Pointing Toy Gun at Police

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Officers from the New York Police Department begged a mentally ill man with a knife to surrender for over 15 minutes until he pulled out a replica firearm.

New York authorities released video footage today showing NYPD officers fatally shooting a mentally ill men with a toy gun. We’ve cut the video down into smaller clips below, but the original video shows officers plead with the man to show his hands for several minutes.

A neighbor of Richards can be heard saying “Drop the knife, man. They don’t want to hurt you. I’m begging you brother. There’s someone you’ve gotta love. You can get help, brother.”

The video released shows the body camera footage from three different officers on scene. Officer one and two have their service weapons drawn, telling Miguel Antonio Richards to show his hands. Officer three arrives on scene and pulls out his taser. In an attempt to take Richards alive, officer three approaches the man while one and two provide cover.

The two officers and the neighbor tried to talk the man down, but he pulls out a fake pistol and points it at the officers. The two officer providing cover collectively fire sixteen shots, fatally wounding Richards.

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